Here Is What Some Readers Have To Say About Matthew Lesko’s Book…..

"This Lesko book has been a valuable source of information for my needs. I was able to locate and use Mr. Lesko’s well-researched book at a critical time in my career.. Thank you!”
  Christian F. Bechtold

"Thanks to your book, I am in the process of getting a loan for a new home.”
  Ruth Bean
Edmonton, KY

"Since I have Matthew Lesko’s Book” in my home I have friends calling, wanting me to look up just about anything you can imagine. At first I would loan them my book until I had such a hard time getting it back. It would be a wonderful book for a gift for anyone. It’s a book you would use like an encyclopedia for life. You couldn’t buy it back from me.”
  Evelyn Bess
Lebanon, TN

"Matthew Lesko’s book is big on finding free money, and that’s the bottom line….”
  Kim G. Bothom
Edgerton, WI

"Often I have attended seminars and informational events followed up by “free” individual conferences during which a sales pitch evolves. Each of these occasions has been disappointing in that they concern themselves with couples. Many of us are older and widowed and do not have substantial funding, leaving us to manage by researching information on our own. The Matthew Lesko book is a great source for everyone but especially for single older woman. It contains a gold mine of ideas presented in a clear way which is so helpful!”
  Dr. Shirley Echard
Falls Church, VA

"I have been using the Matthew Lesko book to find sources for my son with special needs relating to ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). It has been useful in finding financial help and information to assist him in finding permanent work through the New York State and Federal Programs.”
  Mark J. Gordon
Selkirk, NY

"Knowledge is power, where to look for answers is the wisdom that feeds knowledge. With power gained from the Mathew Lesko book to me, power equals advantage.”
  Robert O. Holmes
Ft. Worth, TX

"Not long after I received the Matthew Lesko book, I received a bill from my long term health insurance company. They raised my premium 30% for 2004. At first, I wasn’t sure what to do. Should I seek legal assistance? Then I thought of the book and went to the index. Right on page 61 is says “Fight your insurance company for free.” As recommended by your book, I contacted the office of John Garamendi, California Insurance Commissioner, and they have initiates a full investigation of the matter. The best part is. It is not costing me a dime in either time or money. If nothing else, the Lesko book has more than paid for itself just by saving time on this one matter.”
  H. Bruce Johnson
Fresno, CA

"This Matthew Lesko book is very enlightening. I never dreamed there are so many ways to get free money from our government. I read a small section of it daily.. It is well worth the cost and then some.”
  George J. Khoury
N. Little Rock, AR


"I didn’t realize that there was so much ‘free’ money out there. I’ve shared the Lesko book with some friends and they wanted to know where I found this book of free money. Living in N.W. Florida, there are many Government contracts to be had. This book has shown me the way to a better lifestyle. Thanks a million.”
  James A. Mason
Destin, FL


“This wonderful Lesko book like all your others is consistent and always helpful.. Page after page contains useful and practical knowledge that really and truly is beneficial. As I read all of this excellent material, I keep asking myself why everyone doesn’t know this information. Thank you once again for printing this book and enlightening me and my family.”
  Harold Olshansky
Scottsdale, AZ


"Great help! I have a dog-eared all the important pages. Information is a dog ear away.”
  Barbara Pattison-Lehning
Bothell WA


“The Matthew Lesko book had been very helpful to me in getting free dental care and dentures for ‘top’ and ‘partials’ for my bottom teeth. I thank you for this information, and for making me search out for needs. I’ve sent my son and family, and also my daughter the book to see if it will help them. I’m not through searching this ‘great’ book for more help".
  Inez Rainwater
Slaton, TX


“Help! I showed my children – now I can’t get it back! First a daughter in Houston, who is probably taking advantage of information. Passed around – last known to be with my son in Hawaii! Yes! Very helpful if I can get it back to me.”
  James Rix
Katy, TX


“ I don’t need to go to the library because all the information one needs is in the book. Money well spent!”.
  James Schweitzer
Milwaukee, WI


“Your book is great. Why? Because I’m retired and live on a limited income., I need to save where I can. The book gives me advice on al the programs that state and government have available for us. Before I do any project I always check the book first. It tells you what’s available and where and who to call, which could save you money. I refer to it often. It takes the guess work out of what programs are out there for us all. I wouldn’t be without it.”
  Thomas P. Smiley
Munhall, PA


“There have been several sources I have been also to use. One section about Social Security was very helpful. Thanks.”
  James Wanderscheid
Dallas, TX

Very helpful. It is important and reassuring to know that somebody cares enough about us to provide this useful database of information. It is especially valuable to have all these sources at our fingertips in one convenient location. I’ve always been told, ‘It’s not what you know, but who you know.’ Well thankfully, thanks to you, we now know someone who knows. And thanks for not being afraid to share that information. I am disabled and have very low income, and I have been able to get the help I need from several sources. Thanks again.”
  H. Bruce Johnson
Fresno, CA

“I am in the process of grant writing and this book has given me an outline and a path to follow – with contact at my fingertips. Much gratitude.”
  Rebecca Zimmerman
Harrisburg, PA

‘The Matthew Lesko book opened several sources of help for me as a 74 year old with health problem and limited income. I have received help with living expenses plus hearing aids. I can hear again! Several friends laughed when I purchased the book.. I am the one laughing now as they all want to borrow my book !!! I have been helped very much financially and became very popular again!”
  Bernice C. Bonner
Quitman, MS

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